My Muse: Fashionista Bianca Wahab

You know those people that you click with right away and somehow know that you will become good friends with them? That is exactly how I felt when I met Bianca for the first time! She is warm, kind, funny, stylish and one of the sweetest people I know. She is the kind of person that will hold your hand on a roller coaster when you are freaking out (and yes, that actually happened on the roller coaster at the New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas. I kept my eyes closed the entire time while she held my hand and asked if I was okay! Note to self: Just because you are in Vegas doesn’t mean that you can handle roller coasters all of a sudden!). I love spending time with her and am very lucky to have her as a friend.

Not only is Bianca an amazing friend, she is also one of the most stylish people I know. I am excited to showcase Bianca in this post where she will share with you some of her favourite fashion trends to look out for, advice and what inspires her.

Help me welcome my beautiful friend Bianca!

Your Name:

Bianca Wahab

What do you to for a living:

Part time Fashion Director/Stylist for Fave Magazine and full time support team lead at Shopify.

What are three of your favourite fashion trends that we should keep our eyes open for this summer:

1. Dusty rose/pink accessories for sure! I dyed my hair this colour last October and am so happy to see all kinds of handbags, shoes, hair accessories and jewelry in this beautiful shade. You don’t have to dye your hair too but just adding a cross body bag, or slip on flats is a nice touch. Super feminine and beautiful for summer.

2. Prints! Specifically with a 70’s vibe and therefore some awesome colour. I love my dresses so I’m comfortable doing an all over print in a dress with some solid accessories, such as this, this or this. Anyone who is feeling a little less bold can easily still play around with this trend by pairing their favourite piece with a printed short, bohemian top, or skirt.

3. Gladiator sandals! Every few summers this trend comes back around and I just love it. It’s such an easy way to make a statement and add some flare to any outfit. This year I’ve also seen some with heels, like these or these, which is fun too.

What are three staple items that every woman should have in their closet:

1. A good jacket or cover up that reflects your style! It could be a blazer, a sweater, made in faux leather, zippered, open, etc. In black, brown, grey or another neutral shade. It will go with everything and finish your outfit when there’s a bit of a chill.

2. A thick belt can really complete an outfit, update it and/or change the fit completely. Personally I really like laser cut or obi style belts. A little elastic in there for easier fit is always nice too

3. Heads up, I’m coming in with a cliche style suggestion, but it’s cliche because it’s true. The LBD or little black dress is a must have. The styling options are endless!

What piece of advice would you give someone wanting to add more style to their current wardrobe (but may not know where to start!):

I would say, start with really good staple pieces. Basics, denim, pencil skirts, etc. and then add your flare with your accessories. Once you get more comfortable and find your own stylistic voice make your bold moves and get that gorgeous floral printed a-line skirt or embellished t-shirt. Buy pieces that get you excited about fashion and that have great fit.

What inspires you:

That’s like asking what kind of chocolate I like to eat- all kinds I get inspiration from so many things. The first that comes to mind is definitely travel and exploring new cities and places. I’m inspired by flowers and fruit. Home decor and garlands of lights. Seabreeze and pink highlighted waves from a sunset. So many other things as well but to sum it up, I am inspired most by what brings me most joy.

How do you stay balanced in your busy life:

First, I always make time for myself, to do something that I enjoy doing or to do something for me. Could be window shopping, could be getting a mani, or even just enjoying the sun. Second, family and friends are really important to me as well so I always make time for them. And finally, doing something creative always relaxes me. Lately I’ve been really into cross stitch.

What piece of advice would you give your 20-year-old self:

Be confident in who you are because there is no one else like you and you are awesome.

How can people connect with you:

Feel free to take a look at some of my work online at Fave Magazine and follow my fashion adventures on Instagram.