Fashion Inspirations by Amanda L. Conquer

I am very excited to have my first fashion inspired blog post. Although I love fashion, I am by no means an "expert" so I have called on a few of my fashionista friends to help me out a bit!

I met Amanda at an event I coordinated where she was the host and I had such an amazing time working with her. She is a sweetheart and so much fun to be around and I LOVED her sense of fashion (I am sure you will as well)!! Make sure you checkout all her social media links at the end of this post to see more of her fashion inspirations.

Your Name: Amanda L. Conquer

What do you do for a living: YouTuber, Blogger & Style Consultant

What are 3 of your favourite fashion trends that we should keep our eyes open for this summer:

Tall gladiator sandals, fringe & flared denim (the 70’s are back in a major way!).

What are 3 staple items that every woman should have in their closet:

* Nude Pump - perfect with everything from distressed denim and a tee on the weekends, a dress for evening and everything in between at the office (these or big splurge).

* Denim Jacket - great for cooler Summer evenings, to and from the gym and works great paired with black or white skinnies and an easy top. My favourites are this, this, and this!

* Black Skinnies - whether they are a trouser or more of a five-pocket denim style, black skinny pants will always work in a pinch. When I’m pressed for time and can’t decide, I’ll often throw on my black skinnies with a black top and black heels and you’re out the door. They work well with white tennis shoes, boots and heels; you really can’t go wrong (I bought three pairs of the same kind once!).

What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to add more style to their current wardrobe (but may not know where to start!):

Hire a style consultant like myself to help you edit your wardrobe down and put together some looks or hit the mall and pick out some new pieces to freshen up your closet. More simply, incorporate trendy pieces through accessories to breathe life into older clothes. This Spring is a great time to grab some fringe (on shoes and bags), dainty, layered necklaces, strappy gladiator sandals, a drapey trench and gauzy scarves. A pretty manicure helps too.

What inspires you:

Women who are into fashion. I love seeing what other girls are wearing, especially the shoes! When someone is into fashion, it shows in how they put something together and I love that. It’s a real talent I can appreciate.

How do you stay balanced in your busy life:

Me time. I’m an introvert by nature, although most people wouldn’t think it, so carving out me-time is important. I love watching YouTube videos and surfing the ‘net, blogging and editing my own YouTube videos. Having that alone time really recharges my batteries and keeps me balanced.

What piece of advice would you give your 20-year-old self:

Stop tanning. Sun safety is something I’ve grown passionate about due to a serendipitous incident: developing a sun allergy when I was 23 (which went away by the next Summer). Prior to that, I worked at a tanning salon for eight months and loved having a deep, dark tank—something my fair skin isn’t really accustom to. When I broke out in hives one Summer from the sun and tanning beds, I did a total 180 and committed to wearing sunscreen everyday on my face and neck. Now that I’m 31 and the idea of aging is becoming more apparent, I’m so grateful I made that change many years ago (I just wish I had done it even sooner!).

How can people connect with you:

I write the fashion and lifestyle blog A.Co est.1984 and make YouTube videos. You can also follow along on Instagram (which is my favourite), Twitter and Facebook if you’d like.

All images in this post were taken and provided by Amanda L. Conquer